NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator

Model Name : NuProg-F8
Support UFS and eMMC IC. Also, you can program or duplicate IC directly on NuProg-F8
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NuProg-F8 is a combination of programmer and duplicator, which is unique in the current market. NuProg-F8 has nine socket sites; one is for programming the master IC and the other eights are for duplicating the slave ICs. The Master IC can be programmed with the files in the software (Dediware) while the slave IC can be duplicated with Master IC in stand-alone mode. With NuProg-F8, you will be able to program or duplicate on the same machine.

Data Transfer Speed is at 180MB/s max. The real read/write speed depends on various factors such as communication protocol, chip controller performance, and 
NAND technology, etc.


  • Supports UFS2.0, UFS2.1, UFS3.0 devices.
  • eMMC/eMCP supports GPP, RPMB (Not support RPMB duplicating), and Enhanced mode.
  • UFS/UMCP supports LUN configure, Descriptor, Attributes, Flags, and RPMB (Not support RPMB duplicating).
  • Each gang programmer has 9 socket sites, which includes one programming site and eight duplication sites; duplicate in concurrent mode.
NuProg-F8 with Hand Press Fixture: It helps you to push down 8 sockets easily and simultaneously.

Time Reference:

Test Data Size: 8G Bytes

IC Type IC P/N Write Speed Read Speed
UFS SDINDDH4-64G 90 MB/s 151.7 MB/s
KLUDG4U1EA-B0C1 146.3 MB/s 151.7 MB/s
H28U88301AMR 124 MB/s 141.2 MB/s
THGAF8G9T43BAIRB 91 MB/s 151.7 MB/s
eMMC MTFC32GAKAECN-3MWT 68.3 MB/s 83.6  MB/s
KLM8G1GETF-B041 58.5 MB/s 86.2 MB/s
SDINBDA4-32G 67.1 MB/s 86.2 MB/s
Engineering mode
For engineers and expert to access advanced features for development, repairing etc.
UFS IC Detail Setting
Detail Settings of descriptor/ attributes/ flags/ RPMB
eMMC IC Detail Setting
Detail settings of extCSD/ RPMB
Standard Package
  • NuProg-F8 x 1
  • USB 3.0 Cable x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • CD-ROM x 1


Socket Adaptor Options (Please select the required one to work with NuProg-F8):

NuProg-F8 requires socket adaptor to program IC, every socket adaptor corresponds to different IC kind, package type, and size, please choose the appropriate socket adaptor from the list below. If you have any questions, please contact Dediprog sales (

Product File Type File Description Version Download File size Last Update
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Software Dediware Software (For StarProg Series, ProgMaster Series, NuProg Series, eMMC series, and K110)

[Modified Content]
1. Fix dwcmd -d download project fail while multiple StarProg-A/K100/K110.
2. Fix Block index issue on load file for NAND.
3. Fix command line issue while use over 10 StarProg-ATE.
4. Fix the issue that batch setting is able to set Program and Verify after load the project with erase only.
5. Fix the Buffer checksum issue after select IC part number.
6. Fix the Log shows USB communication fail while press Buffer > Option/Config.
7. Fix the Programmer index issue while pressing socket counter.
8. Fix Load Prj issue if the project is recreated through LoadPrj.
9. Fix the issue that put in the CD message after press selectPrj
10. Remove blank RPMB for NuProg-E.
11. Fix the dialog of Load for NAND.
12. Fix the program result issue for NuProg.
13. Fix the programmer order method while NuProg and ProgMaster are used on the same computer.
14. Fix NuProg download vector option issue.
15. Set limit to 50 words on SavePrj option.
16. Fix Command line programmer order issue for K110/K100/StarProg-A
17. Fix detect UFS issue for NuProg.
18. Fix icon level issue.
19. Fix start time of project report through Dediware command.
20. Fix project with password issue through Dediware command.
21. Fix project with serial number through Dediware command.
22. Fix low density project issue on Dediware.
23. Fix checksum issue for ATTINY1617.
24. Fix Dediware StarProg/ProgMaster login fail issue after computer reboot, and optimize Dediware connection.

[New Feature]
1. Support download vector to NuProg-F8
2. Support Default check control
3. Add entry engineering mode through Dediware command
4. Add password on login options
5. Add new IC part numbers

Firmware Support
StarProg-U/F, please use FW 2.2.10 ;
ProgMaster, please use FW 2.2.51 or above ;
NuProg-E FW 1.6.16 & FPGA V144 ;
NuProg-F8 Master : FW 1.6.14 & FPGA V144 , Slave : FW2.2.16 & FPGA V137;
NuProg-F8A Master : FW 1.6.16 & FPGA V144 , Slave : FW2.2.16 & FPGA V137;
StarProg-A/K100/K110 FW 4.0.17
StarProg-ATE FW 2.1.29 New 67.75MB 2019-04-15 10:43:01
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Software Dediware Software (For StarProg-U/F, K110, ProgMaster Series, NuProg Series, and eMMC-F8)

[New Feature]
1. First version for K110
2. Add new part number

Firmware Support
StarProg-U/F please use FW 2.2.10 ;
ProgMaster please use FW 2.2.40 or above ;
NuProg-E FW 1.6.16 & FPGA V144 ;
NuProg-F8 Master : FW 1.6.14 & FPGA V144 , Slave : FW2.2.16 & FPGA V137;
NuProg-F8A Master : FW 1.6.16 & FPGA V144 , Slave : FW2.2.16 & FPGA V137;
K110 FW 3.0.23 67.92MB 2018-11-30 17:52:19
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Software Dediware Software (For StarProg-U, StarProg-F, ProgMaster Series, and NuProg Series)
[Modified Content]
For StarProg/ProgMaster
1. Fix project report while pressing close Dediware
2. Fix failure rate for TMS320F2812
3. Fix USB transmission issue for Phison project
4. Fix TI TXT hex issue for MSP430 series
5. Fix electronic check issue
6. Fix SPI NAND issue
7. Fix USB communication fail while pressing selectprj
8. Fix Chip checksum calculation issue while press chip checksum in the ReadIC function

For NuProg
1. Scan master optimization
2. Fix entry copy mode issue
3. Fix CRC calculation issue
4. Fix vector download automatically
5. Fix file information display issue after press detect chip
6. Fix Wipe fail in the engineering mode

[New Feature]
For StarProg/ProgMaster
1. Modify programmer order method
2. Support to record project information in the server log.
3. Remove the skip button for save project

For NuProg
1. Add electronic check option.
2. Remove whole chip copy
3. Upgrade the auto-tuning speed

Firmware Support
StarProg-U/F: please use FW 2.2.10 ;
ProgMaster: please use FW 2.2.40 or above ;
NuProg-E: FW 1.6.16 & FPGA V144 ;
NuProg-F8 Master: FW 1.6.16 & FPGA V144 , Slave : FW2.2.16 & FPGA V137; 66.91MB 2018-11-05 09:47:44
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Manual NuProg-F8 UFS/eMMC Gang Programmer and Duplicator User Manual
2.0 1.95MB 2019-12-20 10:00:24
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Manual Application Note-eMMC Detailed Settings in Dediware 1.0 1.67MB 2017-08-11 13:14:13
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Manual Dediware Software User Manual 2.2 2.17MB 2015-04-07 15:02:38
NuProg-F8 UFS and eMMC Programmer and Duplicator Flyer NuProg-F8 & eMMC-F8 Flyer 575.57KB 2019-11-28 10:27:47