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Final Test Socket

Model Name : Final Test Socket
Final Test Sockets can be applied to various types of testing environments, including high-frequency, high-speed transmission, and wide-temperature range testing. The Pogo pin utilize special material technology, significantly improving the test yield.
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The final test socket features high-performance pogo pins and durable engineering plastic, ensuring extensive bandwidth, a wide temperature range, and an extended product lifespan. You can choose a socket lid from the knob, double latch, or single latch types. 

The final test socket can be customized according to the chip performance, package type, and testing environment. This model is suitable for various testing environments, including high-frequency, high-speed transmission, and wide temperature range tests. The pogo pins use specialized material technology, significantly improving test yield. 



  1. Pitch: 0.30mm (min. )
  2. IC Size: 50 x 50 mm (max.)
  3. Pin Count: ~3,500 Pin
  4. Bandwidth: 25GHz@-1dB
  5. Operating Temp. : -55℃~150℃


Contact Element

  1. Pogo Pin
  2. Rubber ( PCR )
  3. Stamped Probe
Contact ElementPogo PinPCRStamped Probe
Life Time100,000 ~ 1,000,000 Cycle50,000 ~ 100,000 Cycle50,000 ~ 100,000 Cycle
Temperature-55℃ to 150℃-15℃~125℃-55℃~150℃
IC PackageAll IC PackageBGA、LGA、QFN、SONAll IC Package
Ease of RepairLowHighLow



  1. PEEK-Ceramic
  2. Torlon-5030 (4XG)
  3. EKH-SS11
  4. SCP-5000
  5. Aul.-6061 




Final Test Socket

Final Test Socket
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