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SF600Plus-G2U ISP Programmer

Model Name : SF600Plus-G2U
SF600Plus-G2U is a high-speed ISP universal programmer that tailors ISP and offline modes. It is easy to integrate into EMS production lines, offering seamless outputs into in-line ICT/FCT programming test platforms.
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SF600Plus-G2U Feature

The SF600Plus-G2U is a high-speed ISP Universal Programmer designed specifically for In-System Programming (ISP/On-Board programming) and Stand-Alone programming modes, supporting MCU, FPGA, CPLD, SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash, and EEPROM. It enables In-Line programming for mass production through USB or ATE Port control, facilitating easy integration into production lines. In addition to being compatible with the original SPI programming, it also adds a dedicated On-Board programming application for ISP, making it easy to apply to the In-Line ICT/FCT integrated programming and tester platform.


SF600Plus-G2U Highlights

  1. Supports IC Kinds:  
  2. Multiple programming communication protocols:  
    SWD, JTAG, DAP, UART, I2C, CAM, LIN and more.
  3. Sync Programming: 
    Supports simultaneous asynchronous programming across multiple programmers and PCB boards.
  4. Wide programming voltage: 
    range supports minimum 1.2V to maximum 12V configuration.
  5. Customization: 
    Supports user-customized script execution for the programming process.
  6. Wide usage scenarios:
    Supports Project mode for stand-alone programming and provides ATE port for online production mode control in stand-alone mode.


* The SF600Plus-G2U is only available for users who have ordered the device’s license. If you need more support, please get in touch with us via
* The SF600Plus-G2U is fully compatible with SF600plus-G2, please visit SF600Plus-G2 page for specification and detail function.



In-System Programming Application Scenarios





Hardware Specifications




 ArchitectureHigh-Performance ARM and FPGA architecture 
 Embedded Memory4GB memory 
 PC Connection InterfaceHigh-speed USB 2.0 TYPE-C, Ethernet Port 
 ATE InterfaceStatus and control IO signals for Start/Pass/Busy/Error signals of 5V TTL signals 
 Programming InterfaceIn-System Programming (ISP) / Off-line Mode (SPI supported socket adaptor only) 
 Supported IC KindsEEPROM, SPI NOR/NAND Flash, MCU, FPGA CPLD, and more. 
 Operation InterfaceLED indicators display Power/Pass/Busy/Error status; Start button 
 VCC1 Range1.2 to 4.5V 



Software Specifications




 Operating SoftwareDPISP GUI / DPISP CLI 
 Operating SystemWindows 8/8.1/10/11 
 Support File FormatBinary, Intel Hex, Motorola, etc. 
 Programming FunctionsBlank Check, Erase, Program, Verify, Engineering Mode, and Option Register Modify 
 Edit ScriptSupports editing running scripts, suitable for On-Line production scenarios 
 Other AdvantageConvenient for users to carry out secondary development 



Control Port




Software Options

The SF600Plus-G2U USB software toolchain offers high flexibility and meets the highest requirements for engineering and production.

CLI Mode

Ideal for debugging or verification for engineers via the command line.

GUI Engineering Mode

Designed for electronics customers to program ICs by using finalized scripts.

GUI Production Mode

Perfect for mass production, available in both online and offline (stand-alone) modes.



Standard Package 

  1. SF600Plus-G2U Programmer x 1
  2. USB 2.0 100cm Cable (A Male -C Male) x 1
  3. Power Adapter (Including US and EU plugs) x 1
  4. Pin 2x10 to 2x10 Cable x 1
  5. Pin 2x4 to 2x4 Cable x 1
  6. DPISP-CB-20-1 x1
  7. NuProgPlus Socket Bottom board x1
  8. Product Card (User manual and information QRcode) x 1


Product File Type File Description Version Download File size Last Update
SF600Plus-G2U Flyer Flyer SF600Plus-G2U Flyer 1.0
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