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【Exhibition】SMTA Mexico Querétaro Chapter Expo




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SMTA Mexico Querétaro Chapter Expo


DediProg will exhibit at the SMTA Queretaro Chapter Expo & Tech Forum ! We are happy to share our best IC programming solutions and demonstrate how they can help improve efficiency in your chip programming processes.


Feel free to discuss any IC programming-related topics with DediProg!

+ Date: June 6, 2024

+ Venue: Querétaro Centro de Congresos y Teatro Metropolitano

+ Booth: 67 & 68



DP3000-G3 Plus 
Automated IC Programming System

NuProgPlus Series
 All in One Programmer 

SPI NOR Flash Programmer

 The DP3T Plus handles packages as small as 1x1mm and supports laser, labeling, ink, and inkjet marking. It offers up to 16 programming sockets for high-capacity devices, achieving a UPH of up to 1300. The NuProgPlus series programmer, with dual sockets and read/write speeds up to 180MB/s, features an Auto Teach function to reduce project setup time. This versatile system is ideal for low-volume, high-mix production seeking efficiency.

→ Learn more DP3T Plus Benefits
The NuProgPlus series is the only All-in-One programming and duplicating device that supports eMMC, EEPROM, Flash, MCU, and UFS. With its built-in FPGA architecture and SSD, users can program projects and perform standalone operations. The NuProgPlus-U16 model supports 16 chips simultaneously, while the NuProgPlus-U8 model supports 8 chips.SF600Plus-G2 is a high-speed Serial NOR/NAND Flash programmer with In-Circuit and Standalone Programming Modes. The SF600Plus-G2 significantly increases the programming efficiency with the SoC architecture of FPGA, which is a convenient option for developers when programming chips. 


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