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【News】DediProg IC Test Clip Now Available on DigiKey




DediProg IC Test Clip Now Available on DigiKey

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We are excited to announce that DediProg has launched the sale of the IC Test Clip on DigiKey. The IC Test Clip is a sturdy, reliable tool designed for testing and programming SO8 and SO16 ICs on PCB boards, aiming to streamline and enhance the efficiency of in-circuit testing for engineers and technicians.


The IC Test Clip enables seamless connection to integrated circuits, facilitating quick and accurate testing and programming without the need for desoldering. This makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of scenarios, from development and debugging to production and quality assurance.


By partnering with DigiKey, one of the world’s most trusted and comprehensive electronic components distributors, DediProg ensures that customers worldwide can easily access and purchase the IC Test Clip. Visit DigiKey today to explore the DediProg IC Test Clip and elevate your testing capabilities with this convenient tool.


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SO8 IC Test Clip 
SO16 IC Test Clip


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