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【Product】DP1000-G5 Intro




DP1000-G5 Intro

A compact and highly compatible model suitable for a wide range of IC programming needs.


Key Features




  1. High Throughput
    DP1000-G5 achieves up to 3,000 Units Per Hour (UPH), ensures rapid and efficient programming, and meets high-volume production demands for EMS factories.
  2. Scalability
    DP1000-G5 embeds two sets of NuProgPlus Series programmers-NuProgPlus-U16 or NuProgPlus-U8- enabling 16 to 32 programming sites for production scalability.
  3. Seamless Software Integration
    This model allows users to create programming files directly by seamlessly integrating with DediWare, minimizing human errors and enabling immediate programming after loading the project.
  4. MES Integration for Workflow Optimization
    Integrate with the MES API protocol, the DP1000-G5 enables the client to trace real-time programming data and logs. It allows converting records to Excel files, streamlining record-keeping and analysis.
  5. Support Multiple IC Families and Packages
    Supporting a wide range of IC families and packages, including SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, PLCC, QFN, LQFP, BGA, and CSP (minimum 1x1mm), suitable for the customer with a variety of devices to program.
  6. Input/Output Peripherals Support
    To diverse production needs, DP1000-G5 supports various input/output peripherals (Tube, Tape, and Tray), ensuring customizing package options.
  7. Labeling Options
    DP1000-G5 offers diverse IC marking functions: Ink Marker, Laser Marker, Label Printer, and Label Feeder, providing accuracy and flexibility in marking ICs. The Auto Teach features can automatically adjust the parameters to increase the system speed, accuracy, and stabilities.
  8. Socket Actuating Kits
    Adjust socket actuating kits make it easier and quicker to switch to different types of socket adaptors according to the socket size.
  9. Clamp Positioning Check
    Automated clamp positioning check prevents potential damage from human errors, ensuring proper installation before the production process begins.


The DP1000-G5 Automated IC Programming System is designed to meet dynamic needs in IC programming industries. With its high throughput, expansive capabilities, and user-oriented features, DP1000-G5 elevates your IC programming production processes.


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