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【Product】Introducing the Hand Press Fixture for Manual Programming


Introducing the Hand Press Fixture for Manual Programming

Enhancing Efficiency and Convenience in IC Programming with the Hand Press Fixture

At DediProg, we recognize the challenges faced during manual programming IC, particularly in opening and placing ICs into socket adapters, often requiring considerable manual force. To tackle these concerns, we’ve introduced a new series of labor-saving devices crafted for manual programming - the Hand Press Fixtures. This lineup includes the NuProgPlus Hand Press Fixture, the NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture, and the DP Socket Pressure Plate. These devices effectively lighten the load for users, boosting efficiency, and enhancing the overall convenience of the manual IC Programming process.


NuProgPlus Hand Press Fixture

The NuProgPlus Hand Press Fixture is an effortless tool designed to simultaneously open eight sockets evenly, significantly enhancing efficiency when picking and placing ICs. The fixture bead can be replaced according to the socket’s appearance, and the versatile clamps can adapt to different socket adapters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Constructed with a steel and aluminum alloy blend, this model ensures optimal longevity and durability.


NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture

The NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture is a lightweight and easy-to-assemble tool. With its quick pick-up and placement mechanism, it eliminates the inconvenience of changing socket adaptors. By applying minimal finger force, the NuProg-E2 Hand Press Fixture opens the socket effortlessly, making it particularly suitable for small IC programming tasks.


DP Socket Pressure Plate

The DP Socket Pressure Plate, made of high-quality engineering plastic, features two flat sides with hand-pressed surfaces, increasing contact area and reducing discomfort during the pressing process. The DP Socket Pressure Plate is also compatible with Single-Site and Dual-Site socket adaptors, further enhancing its usability.


The Hand Pressure Fixture is a set of accessories designed for manual programming. By equipping this accessory, manual IC programming becomes a streamlined and efficient task, empowering users to work with greater ease and convenience.


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